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Unite Against Poverty

Written by Neil Scott on . Posted in aboutSSP, election2015, history, International, news, policies


Three videos, made by Indy-Live, at our public meeting in Easterhouse on 30/3/15.  Impassioned speeches by SSP West of Scotland Organiser Richie Venton, Liam McLaughlan the SSP Candidate for Glasgow East and Colin Fox, Co-Spokesperson of the SSP and candidate for Edinburgh South.

Three videos HERE of the meeting (begin with the bottom one – the speeches and the Q & A are featured in the top two).

What do you really stand for?

Written by Neil Scott on . Posted in aboutSSP, campaigning, election2015, news, policies


by Allan Grogan

Welcome to the year 2030, It’s another election year, Scotland has became independent thanks to a 2015 minority Conservative Government enforcing a decimation of public services, backed up by Ulster Unionists, UKIP and New Labourites, happy to be anywhere but under Ed Miliband’s leadership. 2017 saw the EU referendum, which killed off UKIP but saw the United Kingdom remove itself from the EU after England voted to go and the rest of the home nations voted to stay. Despite electing 38 SNP MPs in 2015 a realisation occurred in the people of Scotland that no matter how we vote, we will always be treated to Tories in a variety of party colours.

Read all of Allan’s article on his blog HERE

Aiming To be Scotlands Socialist Party…

Written by Neil Scott on . Posted in aboutSSP, election2015, history, news, policies


by Sandra Webster

After the referendum, the SSP – like other parties of the ‘yes’ campaign – had a huge surge in applications for membership. We can now begin to rebuild our party and offer an alternative socialist agenda to that of other parties. Scotland has changed and demands a different kind of politics. We in the SSP can offer this and continue to support the radical left in gaining credence with the electorate again. The radical left is changing too and we must be a part of that.

Read all of Sandra’s article on the Scottish Left Review HERE


Written by Neil Scott on . Posted in aboutSSP, campaigning, election2015, news, policies

vote ssp

by Richie Venton

You could be forgiven for forgetting that the working class make up the vast majority of the population, judging by how our interests and aspirations are ignored or trampled on by politicians representing the tiny minority who have grabbed most of the country’s wealth – the 1%.
Then the election looms, so mainstream politicians who hold the working class in contempt suddenly spout nice-sounding promises in a cynical drive for votes.
Last week we suffered the spectacle of Old Etonian George Osborne declaiming that “Britain is the comeback country”, “Britain is walking tall”, “Jobs up, unemployment down, wages up”…etc.
Even this remote, upper-class snob has been advised by his focus groups that jobs and pay are critical factors in how most people vote.

Read the rest of Richie’s article on his blog HERE

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