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MPs and Workers: a tale of two classes

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by Richie Venton

A tale of two classes; or two planets, more like! All that is rotten and unequal about the capitalist economic system is reflected in the accompanying political system and the capitalist politicians, regardless of whether Tory or Labour.

Tory MP Malcolm Rifkind shamelessly asserted “it’s quite unrealistic to believe MPs will go through their parliamentary career being able to simply accept a salary of £60,000 a year”, as he told us mere mortals that he is “entitled” to earn “far, far more than that”.

SSP Podcast: The Arbrothians Smokie Radical Party…

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In today’s podcast: land reform from Russia, Colin Fox on UKIP and the SSP’s new pamphlet on the right wing party, Lewis Akers on pay discrimination, The SNP’s Debra Torrance on an Arbrothians Smokie Radical Party; Jenni Gunn on mental health and Calum Martin continues his series on lefty history with a piece on the French Revolution.


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by Richie Venton

There’s a gut-wrenching stink of corruption arising from the body of capitalism right now.

The world’s second-biggest bank, HSBC, has hit the headlines for providing a tax-dodging service to some of the world’s biggest corporations, richest capitalists, and most corrupt crooks.

The public, and public services, have been deprived of £billions in unpaid taxes, in a conscious campaign of swindling on an industrial scale, thereby adding to the savage cuts to wages, benefits, services and the lives of millions. However, HSBC is but one link in the chain of corruption and graft known as capitalism, the system where those in power think all is fair in looting and profiteering.

SSP Podcast: Council Budgets, Red Clydeside & the Stirling Revolution…

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In this weeks SSP Podcast we have some history from Katie Bonnar and Calum Martin – Calum starts a weekly series on a history of the left called “Making the flag Red; Struggle and Democracy Through History.”

Cat Boyd from the ISG will be giving her view on left unity and in particular on the Scottish Left Project.

Hollie Cameron tells us about a major SSP victory in Stirling University.

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