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‘The more things change the more they stay the same’

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by Colin Fox, SSP national co-spokesperson

Lord Smith’s recommendations announced today amount to very little. Despite the widespread appetite for change acknowledged by both sides following Septembers historic and far reaching independence referendum The Smith Commission has emerged from the darkness offering very little to satisfy that hunger.

It’s fair to say the Independence movement expected very little from the Smith Commission, but the Scottish Socialist Party, as the only party officially involved in the Referendum not invited to join the deliberations, was certainly expecting more than this.

SSP Calls for Independence alliance candidates in 2015

Written by Colin Fox. SSP National Co-Spokesperson on . Posted in Media, news, Press Releases


SSP Independence Alliance press release


Scottish Socialist Party national spokesman Colin Fox has written to SNP leader elect Nicola Sturgeon and Scottish Green Party leader Patrick Harvie inviting them to support ‘Independence alliance’ candidates from the Yes campaign in next year’s Westminster General Election.

SSP Submission to The Smith Commission

Written by Colin Fox. SSP National Co-Spokesperson on . Posted in Media, news


SSP Submission to the Smith Commission          Read the submission they tried to exclude. The Scottish Socialist Party was the only one of the six parties formally involved in the Independence Referendum NOT invited to join the bilateral talks convened by Lord Smith of Kelvin on the further powers that should now be devolved to Holyrood.

Notwithstanding our formal exclusion the Scottish Socialist Party has today sent in our own submission outlining the powers we believe should be transferred to the Scottish Parliament.


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Colin Fox, national SSP spokesman, today echoed union criticism of the Scottish government’s decision to award the Scotrail franchise to Dutch firm Abellio rather than taking it back into public hands.

He said: “Like the rail unions we believe that Scotland’s railways should be in public ownership and public investment in them devoted to improved services rather than private profit whether Scottish or Dutch.

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