Independence offers our only escape from a Zombie Tory Govt

“A campaign is underway in the Scottish media to portray Ruth Davidson’s Tories as the ‘real’ winners of this General Election north of the Border despite them being again comprehensively rejected here” warns SSP national spokesman Colin Fox.

He continued: “All the polls suggest the Tories will win this General Election at UK level with a big majority. But they also conclude this will occur despite being rejected in 90% of Scottish seats.”

“This ‘zombie election’ threatens Scotland with another nightmare – 5 more years of a right-wing Tory government with no mandate north of the Border. We didn’t vote for them last time or the time before that, we will not vote for them on June 8th either and yet we are set to be lumbered with them yet again.”

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Duck and Cover, not Strong and Stable in Scotland!

William Randolph Hearst said, “News is something which somebody wants suppressed: all the rest is advertising”. The Scottish press were instructed not to divulge the location of the Conservatives manifesto launch this morning in Edinburgh. They dutifully did so, keeping the Theresa May safe from the Scottish public.

In response to May’s press event, SSP joint national spokesperson Natalie Reid said: “After Theresa May came face to face with the reality of her cuts to support for the disabled in Oxfordshire four days ago, it’s no wonder she’s been constantly dodging the public.”

“After seven years of brutal cuts, the Tories’ claims to be the party for the working class hold no water.”

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SNP must put Independence at the heart of its Manifesto

The Scottish Socialist Party today called on the Scottish National Party to put Independence at the heart of its General Election manifesto next week.

Their call was made as the SSP began distributing 100,000 leaflets throughout the country making the case for an Independent Socialist Scotland.

It followed Tory manifesto launch demands for “public consent” for a second referendum.

“Putting the demand for independence at the heart of this election is the best way to counter Theresa May’s threat to block a second referendum” said SSP national spokesman Colin Fox.

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RON MACKAY: 14 October 1923 – 18 May 2017

Richie Venton remembers lifelong peace activist, teacher and much-loved socialist Ron Mackay

It is with profound sadness and sense of loss we have to announce the death of SSP member and good friend to many of us, Ron Mackay.

Ron, aged 93, was a lifelong socialist and peace activist, and above all an inspiration to several generations who wanted to cleanse the world of war and hunger, and of their roots in the capitalism he detested with every fibre of his body.

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Scottish propaganda fails to mask Israel’s crimes

by Pádraig Durnin

Israeli Ambassador Mark Regev is to be welcomed to the Scottish Parliament today as an honored guest of Presiding Officer Ken Macintosh. Regev will be greeted outside by a protest organised by the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign (SPSC) and the Association of Palestinian Communities in Scotland (APCS).

The appointment of Mark Regev as its Ambassador to the UK in 2015 marked a conscious decision by Israel to place hasbara (public diplomacy, in essence overseas image building) at the heart of Israel’s diplomatic efforts abroad. Unlike his predecessors, the Australian-born Regev was no career diplomat, but had made his name as Chief Spokesman for the Prime Minister of Israel. A hasbarist extraordinaire, Regev was a continual presence on UK and US news channels during Israel’s massacres in Gaza in 2008/09, 2012, and 2014. With an unrelenting calm, Regev would appear to rationalise and explain away untold devastation and harrowment.

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Further Education: Swinney intervenes

Colleges Scotland’s national pay bargaining dispute has reached a new head. Yesterday, thousands of Further Education lecturers across Scotland were on the fourth week of strikes and these continue today. This is due to Colleges Scotland’s refusal to honour the equal pay and national bargaining deal that was agreed, balloted and signed off one year ago.

The Scottish Socialist Party fully supports and stands with the lecturers, as we back all workers and such unions who seek justice. Every assault on pay or conditions – reneged deals or otherwise – for anyone in any industry narrows options for all who seek decent work. It means there are fewer jobs that you would find worth doing for pay offered and everyone ends up with fewer options for living a good life.

“We don’t think the employers are committed to national bargaining; we think they’re going to keep protecting their fiefdoms, as they have done in the past.”

Recognising the political implications of a national strike at this crucial time of examinations and the snap general election, the Scottish Government has intervened. Deputy First Minister and the Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills, John Swinney MSP met with representatives from Colleges Scotland and the EIS Further Education Lecturers’ Association (EIS FELA) leadership on Sunday evening.

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Corbyn echoes Tory rhetoric on Independence

Scottish Socialist Party National spokesman Colin Fox described Jeremy Corbyn’s anti independence manifesto as “Deeply disappointing and underlining why Labour is in such deep crisis in Scotland.”

“Pro independence socialists have a great deal of sympathy with the many progressive and forward thinking policies Jeremy Corbyn advocates in the Labour manifesto.”

“However his failure to understand the National Question in Scotland is glaringly obvious. He is left sounding exactly like Ruth Davidson and Theresa May. Nor does he appreciate that the same political forces supporting him in England are largely in the ‘Yes’ camp here.

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Activism, comradeship and mental health

by Scott Macdonald

Poor mental health is a cruel sod. When hurting, we lack the lexicon and awareness to effectively self-critique our own emotional states. We’re very poor at understanding how we grapple, bottle or allow emotions to distort us. So getting it out, among friends and comrades, can help.

I’ve always been a fair bit socially awkward. Terrified of doing and saying the wrong things.

My first direct experience of intervening in a friend’s poor mental health was something that’s difficult to explain. I couldn’t do the pain justice with simple words – but if you can imagine the darkness of worthlessness, the inability to see the wholesome good he brought to his friends lives and the all-encompassing belief that it would never get better  – that was his daily life, for months on end.

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