The International Committee of the SSP

The Scottish Socialist Party is committed to internationalism. We reject the idea that socialism can be created in one country. Felicity Garvie is the international coordinator of the SSP. This position is elected at our annual conference. The party also has an international committee.

The role of these bodies is to build solidarity with workers in struggle throughout the world, to build links with fellow socialists and the anti-capitalist left in other parts of the globe, to play a part in the movement against capitalist globalisation.

Solidarity Campaigns

SSP members are involved in solidarity campaigns around the world. These include Kurdistan, Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, Cuba, Colombia and Venezuela.

Colombia Solidarity Campaign website

Hands off Venezuela website

Cuba Solidarity Campaign website

European Anti-Capitalist Left

The SSP was a founding member of the European Anti-Capitalist Left along with the Danish Red-Green Alliance and the Portugese Left Bloc. This group meets regularly to enable anti-capitalist parties from across Europe to discuss strategy and co-operation.

European Anti-Capitalist Left website


The SSP has been involved in the various European Social Forums which have met in the last few years. This has included organising workshops, participating in seminar discussions and demonstrations. We also undertook a major mobilisation for the G8 summit when it was held in Gleneagles and are participating in planning for protests at future summits.

What is the Global Justice Movement? – by Sarah Peart, Glasgow SSP

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  1. Roger Cole

    The Peace & Neutrality Alliance has been campaigning for the right of the Irish people to have their own independent Irish Foreign policy with positive neutrality as its key component since 1996. Since the EU has its own Foreign, security & defence policy and is a strategic partner of NATO, Ireland has a bit to go before achieving it. However I would hope that a yes vote in Scotland will help us move in that direction

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